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Arkansas Foreign LLC Registration

If you’re ready to expand your business into Arkansas, you’ll need to file an LLC Certificate of Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company with the Secretary of State. “Foreign” here just means your business is coming into Arkansas from a different state. You’ll need a registered agent with an Arkansas physical address and a Certificate of Good Standing from your domestic (home) state. Follow our step-by-step guide below, or hire us to quickly complete your filing and serve as your registered agent!

Do I Need to Foreign Register My LLC in Arkansas?

You will need to foreign register your LLC in Arkansas if you plan on doing the following with your business beyond just one single transaction:

  • buying, selling or leasing property in Arkansas
  • setting up a storefront or business office to sell retail products or other goods
  • provide professional services in Arkansas

If you are unsure if you need to foreign register into Arkansas, reach out to the Arkansas Secretary of State or contact a business lawyer. If you know you need to foreign register, sign up for our foreign Arkansas LLC registration service or follow our DIY guide below.

3 Things to Do Before Registering a Foreign LLC in Arkansas

Apart from gathering all the information you’ll need to fill out the application for registration, there are 3 things you’ll need to do first: make sure your business name is available in Arkansas, get a Certificate of Good Standing, and select an Arkansas registered agent.

1. Search for your business name

Your LLC business name is only protected in its home state. Your exact business name, or one very similar to it, may be owned by someone else in other states. To find out if your business name is available in Arkansas, use the Arkansas business search site to see if anyone else is using your exact business name. If your search does not produce any results, you should be good to go! If you do find a business already using your name, or one too similar to it, you will need to submit an alternate or “fictitious name” with your foreign registration.

You can also use the business search site to make sure your fictitious name is available. If you have to add a fictitious name to your foreign registration, there is no additional state processing fee! You simply add a completed Board Resolution Document signed by an authorized member/manager of your LLC to your foreign registration application.

2. Acquire a Certificate of Good Standing

The Arkansas Secretary of State needs proof that your LLC exists and is in good standing in its home state before it will approve your foreign registration. Submitting a Certificate of Good Standing (aka: Certificate of Existence) from your LLC’s home state with your application will serve as proof. Different states have different certificate costs and processing times, so call your domestic Secretary of State’s office for more information.

Keep in mind that the Arkansas Secretary of State requires your Certificate of Good Standing to be no older than 30 days at the time they process your foreign registration application (which is not necessarily the day they receive your application). Time the submission of your application with your order of the Certificate of Good Standing so the Arkansas office has plenty of time to process it.

3. Choose a Registered Agent

You will need to have an Arkansas registered agent listed on state record at all times to receive state and legal documents for your LLC. You could be your own registered agent, but you would need to provide your full name and a physical Arkansas address on public record with the state. You would also need to be present at that address during regular business hours to receive important news from the state or legal service of process (lawsuit documents). If you’d rather spend your time out running your business, consider hiring us instead!

Our registered agent service gives you instant access to a physical Arkansas address where real people are available to receive state and legal documents for your business. Here are some other benefits you get with our services:

  • Address privacy– Use our address instead of yours on the Arkansas foreign registration application
  • Filing Services– Our filing team will quickly and accurately submit all your filing orders
  • FREE Online Client Portal– Order new services and filings, view & download digital copies of your mail, and access a complete Arkansas business filing library (no account upkeep fees!)
  • FREE Annual Report Reminder Service– We’ll let you know in advance before your Arkansas Annual Report is due and help you get it filed
  • Arkansas Business Experts– Call or email us all your Arkansas business questions! We’re here to help you throughout the life of your business

Staying on top of a growing business requires a lot of your time and attention. We get that! When you hire us to join your team, we’ll handle the busy work so you can focus on the important stuff.

Completing the Arkansas Certificate of Foreign Qualification

Now that you’ve searched for your business name, acquired a Certificate of Good Standing, and decided on a registered agent, you’re ready to complete the Certificate of Foreign Qualification application. You can submit this application for $300 by mail, or save yourself some money and submit it online for $270. The state typically processes online applications within 48 business hours, but may take longer depending on the current work load.

The online application has 7 sections:

1. Filing Act & LLC Information

  • The actual filing act for LLC Foreign Registration is selected for you.
  • Corporation name- Place your LLC name here, including the entity identifier (ex: LLC).
  • Designated Name (Fictitious Name)- Enter your fictitious name. If you’re not using a fictitious name, re-enter your LLC name.
  • State of Origin- The home state of your LLC. If your LLC was first formed outside of the U.S.A., choose “Other.”
  • Country of Incorporation- The United States is selected for you, click to scroll through and change if needed.
  • Date Organized- Date your LLC was formed in its domestic state.
  • Termination Date- If you will only be active in Arkansas to a specific date, you can select a termination date here. Otherwise, leave this blank to remain active in Arkansas until you choose to close it.

2. Registered Agent Information

  • Business Name: If you chose to hire a commercial registered agent service, fill in that service’s business name here.
  • First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix: If you are serving as your own registered agent, or nominating an individual as your registered agent, fill out the name here. If you hired a commercial service, leave blank.
  • Address, Phone Number, Email Address: Complete all of your registered agent contact information here. The registered agent address must be a physical Arkansas address (PO Box, virtual office, other “mail service” addresses not accepted). The phone number and email address are optional.

3. Foreign Contact Information

  • Enter your entity name and address as listed on state record in your LLC’s domestic state.
  • Listing your contact phone number and email address is optional.

4. Incorporators/Officers Information

  • You will need to enter information for both an Incorporator and an Officer. If you are both the Incorporator and the Officer, you will need to enter your information twice.
  • The term “Incorporator” just means the person who is filling out this application and submitting it to the state. This information will be available to the public on the Secretary of State’s business search site.
  • The “Officer” needs to be a member of your LLC who has the authority to approve the submission of this application to the state. In the “Title” drop down menu, you would select “member” or “manager” for this person. Member/Manager names and addresses are NOT listed on public record, this information is kept private with the state.
  • You may use our registered agent address for the Incorporator and all Officer (member/manager) address areas to maintain your address privacy.
  • Click the “Save Officer” button at the bottom of this section after each entry.

5. Submitter Contact Information

  • As the person submitting this application to the state, fill out your address, phone number, and email address. The state will return the approved application here.
  • You may use our registered agent address to maintain your address privacy and to have us receive your important state documents for you!

6. Annual Report Contact Information

  • If you’ve hired a service to receive your annual report notices from the state (like a registered agent service) enter the name of the entity you hired here, otherwise skip the “Entity Name” area.
  • If you will be filing your annual report on your own, complete the remainder of this section with your information.
  • You may use your registered agent address here to maintain your address privacy.

7. Agreement

  • Effective Date- If you want a specific date for becoming an active foreign LLC in Arkansas, enter that date here. Otherwise, leave it blank if the date the state approves your application is acceptable.
  • Check the “I affirm…” box, type in your name, select your title, and click “Submit” to finish.

The next screen will give you the chance to upload the .pdf copy of your Certificate of Good Standing and the Board Resolution Document if you need to operate in Arkansas under a fictitious name.

Finally, you’ll be given a chance to review all the information you’ve entered for accuracy before viewing your order total and paying the state fees. If all this seems too time consuming, we have our Arkansas filing team standing by to handle all this for you!

Quick & Easy Foreign LLC Filing Service

If you’d rather spend your time providing for your business instead of sitting in front of the computer, let us help you with your Arkansas foreign registration filing! Our filing team works with the state every day and will quickly secure a Certificate of Foreign Qualification for you. Here is a breakdown our filing service fees:

  1. $270 Arkansas foreign registration fee
  2. $100 our filing service fee
  3. $49 one year of our Arkansas registered agent service
  4. FREE operating agreement (optional)
  5. FREE encrypted online client portal to view documents & order services
  6. FREE Annual Report reminder service

The only fee not included above is the state fee for your Certificate of Good Standing, but we will order that for you for just the state fee (no additional filing fees!). If you already have a recent copy, let us know! We can use the copy you have and remove that charge from your order. We look forward to working with you and making your expansion into Arkansas as easy as possible.

Does Arkansas Require Annual Reports for LLCs?

Yes, Arkansas requires LLCs to submit a Franchise Tax/Annual Report by May 1st each year according to the Arkansas Corporate Franchise Tax Act Section 26-54-104. This can be submitted online or by mail and the state fee is $150.

  • To file online, you’ll need the following information:
    • File Number- find this by using the Arkansas business search site, it’s the number above your filing type
    • Federal Tax ID- this is your EIN from the IRS. If you can’t find your EIN, you’ll need to call the IRS at 800-829-4933
  • To file by mail, you’ll need:
    • Annual LLC Franchise Tax Report .pdf print out for your entity type and tax year
    • A check or money order for $150 made out to the Arkansas Secretary of State
    • A black ink pen to complete and sign the report (very specific on this requirement, it’s mentioned 4 times on the application)
    • Mail to:
    • Business and Commercial Services Division
    • P.O. Box 8014
    • Little Rock, Arkansas 72203-8014

You can use this report to update your registered agent name and address, member names and addresses, and your business principal address. This report can be submitted separately from your regular business income taxes, or at the same time. Either way, the $150 franchise tax fee will still need to be paid.

If remembering to get your Annual Franchise Tax Report prepared and submitted on time adds stress to your busy schedule, we do have a free Annual Report reminder service that will help keep you in compliance with Arkansas. Just check the box for “Annual Report Compliance” when you sign up for our registered agent or foreign LLC filing service.

FAQ section

Still have some questions? If the answers you’re looking for aren’t found below, give us a call during normal business hours at (501) 588-1720. Our Arkansas business experts are here to help!

Is my LLC information private in Arkansas?

Arkansas is not a private state for business, however there are certain details about your business that the state keeps off of public record. LLC member and manager names are not revealed to the public on the business search website, but their names and addresses are kept on record at the Secretary of State’s office. The only names that can be seen on public record for your business are that of the registered agent and the “Incorporator/Officer” (also know as the Organizer), the person who submitted your LLC application to the state.

What if I need to make changes to my foreign registered LLC?

If you need to make changes to your foreign LLC as it grows in Arkansas, there are a few ways to do this:

Changes NeededFiling NeededCostHow to File
Foreign LLC name*
Member/manager info
Registered agent
Principal address
Tax contact info
Application for Amended Certificate of Authority by Foreign Limited Liability Co.$300 ($270 online)By mail, in person to Secretary of State (SOS), or online
Tax contact addressApplication for Tax Contact Change of AddressFREEOnline only (AR Filing number & Federal EIN needed)
Registered agent infoNotice of Change of Registered AgentFREEBy mail, in person to SOS, or online (scroll down to “Foreign LLC” section)
Principal office addressNotice of Change of Principal Office Address for Foreign LLCFREEBy mail or in person to SOS
Member/manager info
Registered agent
Principal address
Tax contact info
Annual Franchise Tax Report due by May 1st

Amended Franchise Tax Report (if you’ve already submitted your report)

By mail or online

By mail (download form corrected tax year)
*A copy of your LLC’s domestic name change amendment processed by your home state must accompany the Arkansas name change amendment application.

What if I need to close my business in Arkansas?

If your LLC no longer needs to be active in Arkansas, you can submit an Application for Cancellation by Foreign Limited Liability Company by mail, in person or online for $50. You will also need to submit a Final Franchise Tax Report by mail or online for $150 before your Application for Cancellation will be approved. Without the final tax report, your cancellation application will be rejected.

Do I have to submit the Franchise Tax Annual Report if my LLC didn’t make any money or do any business at all?

Yes, the Annual Franchise Tax Report and $150 fee are due to the state even if your foreign registered LLC was not active and generated no income. If you fail to submit this to the state on or before May 1st each year, the state will impose fees and penalties and eventually revoke your LLCs registration. Taxes and fees will continue to grow even after your business is revoked, and no member or owner of your LLC will be allowed to start another business in Arkansas until these fees are caught up.

What if my company name is already being used in Arkansas?

If your company name is already in use in Arkansas, you will need to choose a “fictitious name” (aka “alternate name”) to operate under here. Use the Secretary of State’s business search site to see if your company name is available, if not, there is an area on the Certificate of Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company application where you can report your chosen fictitious name for no extra cost!

Do I need a business license in Arkansas?

Your business may need a license in Arkansas depending on the nature of what your business is selling and where it’s operating. It’s best to check in with the Arkansas Department of Labor & Licensing to make sure you have all the necessary licensing and permits you need.

If you are selling physical products to consumers in Arkansas (in person or online), and you’re required to collect sales tax, you will need an Arkansas Sales Tax License from the AR Department of Finance & Administration. If you have questions about your Sales Tax License application, call 501-683-2827 for assistance.

Where can I see a list of Arkansas foreign LLC filings?

You can visit the Arkansas Secretary of State website to see a list of all LLC filing you can make for your foreign LLC, along with fees, methods of submission, and due dates.

How do I contact the Arkansas Secretary of State?

You can contact the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office in the following ways:

Physical & Mailing AddressArkansas Secretary of State
1401 West Capitol, Ste. 250
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone Number501-682-3409